Becoming Confident, Hamza’s Award Story

Meet Hamza, an Award achiever and Passion to Purpose alumni with an incredible story to share. Hamza joined the Award family and has been involved in many ways helping him value the experience.   

Meet Hamza  

“Hey, everyone! My name is Hamza, and I am a gold participant in Ontario, studying at Western University. I completed my bronze Award in Saudi Arabia, and my silver Award in both Saudi Arabia and Canada. I attended the Passion to Purpose event in summer 2022 and it was an unforgettable experience. Some of my hobbies are cooking/baking, volleyball, and being active.  I included a lot of these activities in my pursuit of the Award, which made it especially rewarding. 


Relationship-building aspects of P2P 

P2P teaches you the fundamental skills required in forging new relationships and nurturing existing ones. We learned how to approach others in networking events, hold conversations and maintain contact through many insightful workshops. The interactive activities we participated in helped me feel more confident approaching my peers, getting to know their stories, and finding shared interests. We are still in contact with each other, and we will continue to nurture our relationships as we develop into changemakers. 


Perseverance and Goal Setting  

It is easy to spend time performing the activities that you enjoy, but I always wanted to have an impact wherever I go. The Award taught me to set SMART goals which helped me focus my attention on what I hope to achieve and clarify my path forward. After that, it is just a matter of putting in the work to reach the goal. Following through with the activity needs consistent hard work and discipline, and the further I went with my pursuing the award, the more honed these skills become.   


Life After the Award 

I am applying all the skills I learned through my experience with the Award in my community. I began working as a sports official and I will use the communications skills learned during Passion to Purpose to expand my network and connect with my peers. I will lead my colleagues and leave a long-lasting positive impact on the sports facility. I am confident that applying the speaking skills will ensure that everyone, including the players, will enjoy their time.  


Why You Should Join the Award 

Ever since I joined the Award, I left my comfort zone, I began seeing exponential improvement in myself. Actively pursuing a goal and knowing I was vulnerable to failure was scary. Goal after goal, fear of failure changed to comfort in challenging myself to do better. I learned to speak up. To share my thoughts. To welcome failure as a learning opportunity. My experience with the Award helped me become more confident in sharing my ideas and taking risks to improve.” 

  • Hamza 

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