Becoming Self Aware, Vito’s Award Story 

Vito is a Bronze and Silver Award achiever Holder and Gold participant from Quebec who has become self-aware from participating in the Award, here is his story.  

Starting The Award 

Vito has always had goals and was determined to reach them. It started as a challenge when Vito became more serious with fencing and studying classical piano became more intense. Academically, he was determined to become a high honor roll student, so he had to stay determined which led him to succeed. As fencing training and traveling for competitions became more demanding, his time was limited, and managing work was crucial to succeed.  


Goals Leading to Success  

In Grade 9 Vito ranked first in Canada for his category in Fencing and earned his spot on the Youth National team. He also made high honor roll status in Grades 10 and 11. Vito says

“I soon realized how managing my time was the key to my success moving forward, says Vito.

Today, Vito is ranked top 4 in the country for fencing and his academics are remaining at a high standing level. The Award was a program that seemed very attractive to Vito but it took time and dedication as each goal had to be completed with consistency.  


“I felt overwhelmed at first, but I realized that I was already engaging in so much that the Duke of Ed was really an awareness program for me, and a great way to understand who I was and what I was really accomplishing.” 

  • Vito 


Adventurous Journey  

Vito was introduced to new activities because of the Award and that was the Adventurous Journey camping trip. Vito found himself glued to the fencing strip practicing or the desk studying. The AwardIt has taught Vito to enjoy quiet time, alone time, and I also appreciate nature in a new way.   


“I never really appreciated nature and time away with my friends, but now, because of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, I have expanded my horizons.” 

  • Vito 


Vito shared that the Award has helped Vitohim reflect on who he is as a teenager as well as organize his life and passions. The Award has encouraged Vito to strive for every victory and earn every accomplishment. Vito is proud to be a bronze and silver holder and excited for the journey to Gold. Vito believes the Award is essential for all young people because it teaches life skills such as determination and dedication and is grateful for this opportunity to participate in the Award.  


The Award is inspired by Vito for his development and success in the Award and associated activities. We are excited to hear about his Gold journey!  


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