Unexpected Challenges & Opportunities – Jonny Boehme

The Award offers a Virtual Award Centre for participants who don’t have a connection with an Award Centre. It is with the help of our Award Volunteers, like Jonny who make this program available. Jonny makes a great Award Leader because he was an Award Participant and understands how to mentor participants.  

Jonny has a great story about his Gold Adventurous Journey which he can share with participants when they are struggling with motivation or need support in the planning process. We are excited to share it with you.  

“I struggled for a while to complete the Gold Adventurous Journey. Aligning schedules for a group of four to head out on a multi-day backpacking trip seemed near impossible. Even after finally coordinating a trip, I was forced to postpone an extra year due to inclement weather. Thankfully, I was able to complete a semi-virtual journey the following summer. This opportunity allowed me to connect with like-minded peers within my province and accomplish my goal of earning the Gold Level! In the end, all the roadblocks I faced along the way made accomplishing my goal even more meaningful. I’m grateful for the flexibility provided by The Award and my award leaders for helping me complete my award in a way that I hadn’t imagined.”  

  • Jonny 


The Award thanks Jonny for volunteering with The Award and sharing his story!  


We hope it inspires you to Join The Award, Volunteer with The Award, or Become an Award Centre.