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Prince Edward Island

Recipients May 6, 2015 Award Ceremony

Bronze Award:
Charlotte Armstrong, Charlottetown; Emma Elizabeth Arthurs, Kingston; Temira Axworthy, Oyster Bed Bridge; John Beaton, York; Noah Blacquiere, Hunter River; Garrett Boisvert, Stratford; Becky Buchanan, Bonshaw; Gracie Burns, Charlottetown; Maggie Burns, Charlottetown; Brenna Byrne, Donagh; Connor Chapman, Cornwall; Joey Chen, Charlottetown; Seth Cheverie, Tryon; Abby Clow, North Wiltshire; Haley Cole, Cornwall; Rachel Compton, Crapaud; Georgia-Rae Connolly, Fairview; Morgan Cormier, Cornwall; Abby Craswell, Hunter River; Morgon Darbyson, Crapaud; Hunter Darrach, Cornwall; Brianna Sidney Davison, Kensington; Allison Dempsey, Suffolk; Madison Dobbin, Little York; Erin Dodds, Mt. Herbert; Cassie Doiron, North Rustico; Kyle Doiron, Kingston; Emily Doucette, Stratford; Shelby Downe, Hunter River; Jean-Luc Duguay, Emyvale; Nicole Eldershaw, Brackley Beach; Julia Ezeard, Charlottetown; Thomas Ford, North Wiltshire; Kennedy Francis, Albany; Emily Gallant, Souris; T.J. Gallant, Little York; Maddy Galway, Cornwall; Jensen Gauthier, Cornwall; Zoë Danielle Good, Borden-Carleton; Kaitlyn Dawn Graves, Marshfield; Calem Harris, South Winsloe; Karley Hartinger, Stratford; Austin Hogan, Cumberland; Larissa Holloway, Charlottetown; Alexis Horne, Warren Grove; Brenna Howatt, Hunter River; Elsa mae Howatt, Cornwall; Annabella Hu, Lewis Point; Kalli Hunter, Marshfield; Jayde Inman, Bonshaw; Caitlin Jameson, Meadowbank; Cody Jay, Cornwall; Emma Jinks, Stratford; Kaylee Katherine Johnson, Cornwall; Quinn Kirkland, Mermaid; Sean Lawlor, Summerside; Owen LeClair, North Wiltshire; Kaitlyn Nicole Ledgerwood, Cornwall; Lauren Lenentine, Cornwall; Logan Lewis, Cornwall; Helen Li, Charlottetown; Meaghan MacDonald, Cornwall; Maria MacDonnell, Stratford; Hannah MacEwen, DeSable; Zoe MacKenzie, Rice Point; Olivia MacPhail, Meadowbank; Jordan MacPhee, Kingston; Gary Matheson, Stratford; Katherine McEwen, Stratford; Riley McGill, Charlottetown; Danielle McGonnell, Charlottetown; Noah McNeill, Stratford; Matthew Meenink, Crapaud; Gabby Melanson, Cornwall; Paige Mills, Cornwall; Lila Mitchell, New Dominion; Eliana Monthony, Cornwall; Greg Morrison, York; Daniel Mowat, Kingston; Drew Nelson, Cornwall; Shelby Nurse, Crapaud; Erin Lynn O'Regan, Cornwall; Brock Parkin, Victoria; Haley Perry, Grand Tracadie; Hannah Peters, Cornwall; Ashley Plaggenhoef; Stratford; Robyn Power, Sherwood; Esther Puiras, Cornwall; Connor Reardon, Hunter River; Lauren Catherine Reid, Mermaid; James Richardson, Kingston; Brett Robinson, Mermaid; Kristie Rogers, New Haven; Rebecca Rooney, Cornwall; Mathea Shaw, Crapaud; Lisa Stevenson, New Haven; Chad Stewart, New Haven; Jennifer Stewart, Crapaud; Maddie Stewart, Frenchfort; Megan Stewart, Cornwall; Jasmine Tang, Cornwall; Madeline Taylor, Cornwall; Amy Thompson, Cornwall; Tait Tierney, Meadowbank; Sophie Toole, Bonshaw; Rebecca Toombs, Hunter River; Emma Vos, Hunter River; Madison Vos, Hunter River; Trevor Whalen, Vernon River; Sydney Wheatley, Cornwall and Mackenzie Williams, North Rustico.

Silver Award:
Skyler Beaton, Charlottetown; Ailish Bergin, Stratford; Emma Bowers, New Haven; Laura Burge, Stratford; Jill Chapman, Stratford; Niko Coady, Oyster Bed; Grace Coles, North Milton; Owen Collier, Montague; Madeleine Crawford, Cornwall; Aiden Fraser, Cornwall; Nicholas Jackson, North Wiltshire; Alexander Vitalus MacDonald, Souris; Maddy MacDonald, Rice Point; Jenna Alexis MacInnis, Stratford; Hannah Drake MacLellan, Pownal; Alden James MacPhail, Bonshaw; Allison Rebecca McCabe, Charlottetown; Brandon Joseph O'Brien, Souris; Naomi Ridgway, Breadalbane; Jack Robinson, Cornwall; Lacey Rogers, Cornwall; Lauren Rogerson, Cornwall; Abbegail Thomson, North Milton; Madison Vincent, Crapaud; Barry Wang, Charlottetown; Alyssa Weeks, Hunter River; Emily Wei, Charlottetown; Malek Wolters, York; Alana Worth, Cornwall and Hazlitt Xin Yang, Charlottetown.

Participants were from 20 RCACC Stratford, 23 RCSCC Kent, Bluefield High School, Charlottetown Rural High school, East Wiltshire School, École Saint-Augustin, Englewood Consolidated School, Gulf Shore Consolidated School, Grace Christian School, Immanuel Christian School, Stonepark Intermediate School, Little Pond Pathfinders, Kensington Ventures and Independents.

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