Becoming a Leader, Abhi’s Award Story

We had the pleasure of meeting Abhi, who has an inspiring story of using The Award to become a confident leader. We are excited to share his story.

Before the Award

Abhi has always had a strong interest in sports, particularly cricket. Cricket has provided Abhi a sense of physical enjoyment as well as built partnerships and friendship bonds. Abhi excelled in cricket, but after he joined The Award, he wanted to improve his brain game skills. The Award experience supported this by allowing Abhi to learn to play chess as part of the Skill portion. Abhi was eager to find hobbies in which he might succeed, but it was tough for him to explore new things before The Award.

Introduction to The Award

Army Cadets introduced Abhi to The Award during the shutdown in March 2021. Abhi was apprehensive about taking part since he was nervous, shy, and unsure of what to anticipate. Abhi says he is “beyond glad for the opportunity” in retrospect. Abhi is grateful for the leadership, time management, and responsibility skills he has acquired.

Virtual Adventurous Journey

For Abhi, the Adventurous Journey was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Abhi’s original plan was an outdoor expedition, however, due to an ankle injury, the trip could not continue as planned. The Award offered alternatives through the COVID-19 Hub and Abhi was able to continue. Before his ankle fracture, he was still in the planning stages, and while he was looking forward to the Adventurous Journey, he was also looking forward to the adaptability of a Virtual alternative. Unknowingly this opportunity of participating in a virtual journey led Abhi to hold a leadership position helping other Virtual Journey participants.

“The Duke of Edinburgh Award has changed me for the better and encouraged me to become a leader.” 

– Abhi 

Being a Leader 

Abhi developed excellent leadership characteristics after such an outstanding Virtual Adventurous Journey. He helped guide and support numerous other groups in completing their journeys. He was one of his group’s most experienced Cadets, and he was called upon to assist other groups in need of assistance. Abhi was hesitant about taking the lead and disliked public speaking prior to this opportunity. Abhi has wanted to be a leader since then, and he wants to lead by example. Abhi wishes to be a Cadet leader, an ambition he formed as a result of The Award. 


Participants who are apprehensive to begin The Award or who are struggling with confidence will find Abhi’s story inspiring. Abhi invites all young people to take part in the Award since the learning possibilities and skills are limitless. 


We know this isn’t the end of Abhi’s journey, and we’re excited to see where the Award takes him! 


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Author: Shelan Emre  

Shelan is an active member of her community who is committed to making a positive impact. She is pursuing her Commerce degree at the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. Her Award accomplishments include being a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award Achiever, Award Leader, Passion to Purpose participant, Grant recipient, and Speaker, as well as working with The Award in Canada as an Award Specialist and in Marketing Communications. 

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