Pandemic Participant, Jacintha’s Award Story

Jacintha is a proud Bronze and Silver Award holder from Ontario who has overcome challenges, accomplished goals, and discovered her passion.

COVID Challenges 

In early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began, all activities were paused, and life was at a standstill. Given the world’s instability, it was very difficult for Jacintha to find methods to continue with Award activities. Jacintha was participating in Lithuanian Folk Dancing to meet the physical recreation requirement, which sadly did not continue during the lockdown. Similarly, helping at a local school community was no longer possible. Jacintha persisted despite the seemingly continuous cancellations of activities. 


COVID Opportunities 

Among the waves of fear and terror, Jacintha began to consider new ways to serve the community. She gave back to the community.  in a variety of ways, including creating cloth masks, assisting elders with food shopping, and launching a new project called “Greeting Cards for the Elderly.” Jacintha invited the community to write seasonal greeting cards for residents of local nursing homes and long-term care facilities. She also baked cookies for the Homeless community in Toronto and volunteered remotely for numerous events in her school community. Despite the worldwide turn of events she has remained active in the community and has become a stronger person value since starting her Duke of Edinburgh journey. 


Adventurous Journey  

Jacintha went on an Adventurous Journey Silver Expedition to Lake Temagami. The group canoed for hours each day, and while it was physically exhausting, the trip was full of excitement, wonder, and amazing vistas of Ontario’s gorgeous Canadian Shield. Jacintha learnt the components of a resourceful attitude, such as being able to utilize the lifejacket as a pillow as well as its original use. Working with the other participants to achieve goals and overcome barriers was a highlight of this journey. Working with people in a remote situation provided her with the opportunity to develop her creative thinking talents and leadership abilities. 


“As both a Silver and a Bronze Award Recipient, I can say with 100% certainty that the Duke of Edinburgh Program is a program many should seek to partake in. Though it may seem challenging at times, it teaches participants valuable skills along with priceless life lessons.”   

  • Jacintha 


Next Steps  

Jacintha plans to continue with the Award at the Gold level and is excited to continue the journey alongside like-minded peers who share the same passion of helping others. She encourages anyone who seeks to positively improve their skill set and who has a passion to improve their community through new, innovative ideas, to participate in the Award.   


Jacintha can’t express how appreciative she is for the Award program. The experiences from the Award have become lifelong memories. She met so many inspiring people, and gained life skills she will never forget. These experiences have her to look at her life through a different lens; a lens that focuses efforts on growth, self-improvement and most importantly, giving back. 


The Award is inspired by Jacintha for her excitement for the Award and the desire to share her passion. We are excited to hear about Jacintha’s Gold experience!   


We hope Jancintha has inspires you to Join The Award, Volunteer with The Award, or Become an Award Centre.   


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