Reaching Goals through Motivation, Jordan’s Award Story

Starting the Award  

“I began the Duke of Edinburgh Award through Girl Guides of Canada and started earlier than most because I was so excited! I soon discovered the importance of the Award and the benefits I would receive through it. When I began, I had been frustrated all year after not feeling like I was doing well enough on my volleyball team. The required hour of physical activity each week forced me to work on my skills, which would help me achieve my SMART goal. I got to see myself accomplish something after putting in hours of hard work and dedication.  

“I got to truly see my progression and I attribute part of my value of hard work to the Award” 


Girl Guides  

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is commonly delivered by Girl Guides of Canada, which was how I learned about the program. I often liked completing badge work on my own when I was younger, and Duke of Ed was a natural extension of that. It enabled me to continue working towards goals and use the motivation I learned in my Guide years. For my Silver and Gold levels I volunteered with Guiding for my service portion, and it really encouraged me to explore how I could better support the organization. I now plan to volunteer lifelong with Guides, so I hope to be able to help other girls through their Awards.  


Canoe Trip  

I have also loved the extra opportunities through the Duke of Edinburgh program. During my bronze, I got offered a spot on a canoe trip from the local office. I still talk about it all the time. I’d never had the opportunity to go on a canoe trip before and it truly made me fall in love with boating. I started out struggling to steer and was able to (mostly) do it by the end. We even got to learn how to rescue a tipped canoe (which came especially in handy when we went overboard the next day). This trip showed just how beautiful parts of Manitoba are. I hadn’t been to Nopiming Provincial Park before the trip, and I really got to form a stronger connection with nature. I hope to be able to use the skills I learned on the trip to provide youth with the same experience one day.    


The Award during COVID-19 

I found the program particularly meaningful during the pandemic. The Award could already be done at a distance and so it was very adaptable to the pandemic. It helped provide structure to my weeks and gave me a healthy outlet during online school. I found online school to be difficult and the healthy challenge of learning a new thing made it easier to bear.  


“At a time when it could feel challenging to do anything, the Award provided me with the motivation I needed to keep moving” 


Life After the Award  

The Award has been so important to me because it has given me the motivation to keep practicing skills weekly. A couple of years ago I never would’ve believed I could run for an entire year. I genuinely wish there were levels past Gold so that I could keep going! The program also motivated me to keep volunteering and I ended up knitting 175 poppies for the Poppy Blanket Project in Winnipeg. Something I’m still incredibly proud of today. I’m very excited to finish my Gold Award and continue to see the ways in which The Duke of Edinburgh Award program has helped to shape me as a person. 


Why You Should Support the Award 

The Award is so important in creating young people who have the confidence to take risks and try new things. I recommend the program to everyone I know, and it’s a fun way to make connections. Also, the Award program is an impressive item to include on a resume and shows that an applicant is hard-working and committed. Overall, the Award is so important because it’s fun and the opportunities will stick with Award members their whole lives.” 

  • Jordan, Award Participant 


We thank Jordan for sharing her story, we hope it inspires you to Join the Award, Volunteer with the Award, or Become an Award Centre. 


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