Transfer to a new Award Centre

In the past year, some of our Award Centres have decided to step away from delivering the Award framework. We respect their choice, but what really matters is you – the go-getters who were on an Award journey and might now be wondering where to go next.


We want you to remember that your Award journey isn’t over; it’s just taking a different, exciting path!! We have built this page to provide you with options on how you can continue doing the Award outside of your former Award Centre.


For our Cadet participants, we want you to know that many of the activities you’re doing in Cadets will still count toward your Award! That’s right, all your hard work and dedication will continue to be recognized by the Award. While we might need to double-check a few requirements, in most cases, what you’re doing in Cadets can be applied to help you reach your Award goals!


Your commitment to personal growth and community involvement is something we truly value, and we want to make sure it’s recognized.  So, keep up the great work, keep pushing your boundaries, and keep building those life skills. We’re here to help you every step of the way!


Below are two awesome options so you can keep the momentum of your Award journey going:

Option 1 – Join our Virtual Award Centre (VAC):  

The Virtual Award Centre is an opportunity to continue your Award journey where you meet online with our Award Specialist staff who become your Award Leader. You still do all your activities out in your community, but you receive mentorship, guidance and support virtually.

Learn more about the VAC Switch to the VAC today

Friendly Award Specialists: Our Award Specialists staff will be your VAC Leaders to guide and mentor you through your Award journey.

Support When You Need It: Our VAC Leaders are just a call, email, or live chat away to help with any Award questions in both French and English!!

Office Hours: Join our Office Hours to chat with your Virtual Award Centre Leader for personalized support.

Exclusive Resources: You’ll get an informative introductory course and awesome tools and resources to plan your Award activities.

Virtual Bronze Adventurous Journey: If you’re aiming for Bronze and need help planning your Adventurous Journey, we’ve got you covered. We are running Virtual Bronze Adventurous Journey for VAC Participants and may be a great option for you.

Leveling up to the next level: If you have completed an Award level and want to move on to Silver and Gold, we can help you achieve this milestone.

Be Part of a national community: By joining the VAC you will be part of a national network of young people from across Canada.

VAC 60th Anniversary Celebration Discount

Because the VAC comes with a bit more support and offers, there’s a different fee. But here’s the exciting part: for participants who want to transfer and complete their Award experience through the VAC, you’ll receive a special discount on the transfer fee as part of our 60th Anniversary celebration – just $60 until December 31, 2023. 

Finanical Support for VAC Registration

Award Canada is proud to be a Service Organization / Payee of Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Individual Child Grants! If you are under the age of 18 and registering in the Virtual Award Centre you may be eligible to receive funding to have VAC registration fee covered. The application is available on their website. Please make sure to read eligibility, requirements, and details carefully before applying. You can also find additional information on their FAQ webpage.

Next Steps on transferring to the VAC

Reach out to our Support Team at and let them know you want to join the VAC. They will work with you to get you started right away!

group of young people running up stairs

Option 2 - Join a New Award Centre:

If you’re part of other youth groups like Scouts Canada or Girl Guides, or if your local high school offers the Award program, you’re in luck! You can easily transfer to a new Award Centre and keep going right where you left off. You can find an Award Centre in your community using our nifty map that lists all the Award Centres across Canada.

Find an Award Centre

If you find a new Award Centre in your community you want to join, it’s an easy process to transfer!

Award Centre Transfer Process

  • Have your new Award Centre fill in a Participant Transfer Form, and our support team will ensure your account is transferred.

  • If your new Award Centre needs any assistance or has any questions, they can contact us at

No matter which option you choose to continue your Award, everything you’ve completed so far will still count towards completing your Award journey. Also, your login to the Online Record Book stays the same!

Ready to make the switch?

If you have any questions or need more details, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you in making your Award experience as rewarding as possible.  Click the chat bubble below to speak with an Award expert or contact us at: