Cultural Exploration, Kurangi’s Award Experience

Starting the Award  

Kurangi started the Bronze Award as an Army Cadet in 2019 in Grade 9. Her activities were unique and became a highlight of Kurangi’s Journey. Her physical activity was cycling, her skill was debate, her service was teaching English to students in India. The Adventurous Journey was a COVID Journey and despite not having a conventional opportunity it was still impactful and enjoyable. 


Unexpected Cultural Benefits  

While Kurangi was serving students in India, she was using her language skills to teach students English alongside peers. Kurangi was pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to meet with people in her culture during the pandemic. She remembers one of her students took her virtual sightseeing around the city and she saw her own culture much more deeply. This experience prompted her to continue being involved in the program and continue working with people that teach her more about her roots.  


Developing a Passion for Debate  

Kurangi had an interest in debate, but the skill section of the Award was a motivation to develop this as a passion. She has gone as far as wanting this to be a career opportunity. Kurangi has been able to narrow down her faculty of interest to be Cyber Law. Her goal is to work towards a computer Engineering degree, followed by a Law degree which will satisfy her passions. In the short term she would like to become more involved in debate teams and mock trials.  


SMART Goals 

The SMART Goal process encouraged by the Award, kept her on track with a clear direction to reach her desired goals. She had a direction in mind, but the use of The SMART Goal philosophy made her a better person overall. Some of her challenges included not knowing what her initial goals wanted to be, but SMART Goal setting was able to help her lay out her thoughts out.  


“SMART Goals help establish clear goals and distinguish between short- and long-term goals.” 


Award Mentor  

Kurangi’s Mentor was her Award Leader and Commanding Officer, Major Singh. He was always willing to help regardless of her Award progress, this helped Kurangi stay motivated and engaged in the Award. He assisted her every step of the way, especially when she was starting to lose motivation, he did his best to get her back on track. If she had any questions, he was always available to help. 


Kurangi’s Adventurous Leader was also an impactful mentor during the Bronze Award. During the online Adventurous Journey, he would keep their team on track and provide them with any help needed. As well as assisting her as she navigated through the Online Record Book. 


Why Young People Should Join the Award 

Kurangi is a Bronze achiever and is in the process of starting the Silver Award! Her plan is to work towards Gold too! Kurangi believes The Award help with develop career plans and develops young people to be better people.  


“The skills The Award teachers are basic life skills you’ll want to continue developing throughout your life.” 


We are so proud of Kurangi, and excited to see her achieve more goals and make an impact in her community. We hope Kurangi has inspires you to Join the Award, Volunteer with the Award, or Become an Award Centre.

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