Discovering Passion, Roma’s Award Story

Starting the Award  

Roma is quite appreciative that her aunt suggested she join the Award after introducing her to it. Roma views the Award as a difficult adventure in which she was honoured and delighted to take part. She treated the Award as a marathon rather than a sprint despite the challenges of commitment and work. The Award made her more perseverant, conscious of her dedication, and resilient. 



After considering the endless options of Service ideas Roma felt a desire to volunteer with sick children. The Award led Roma to volunteer at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. During this initiative Roma supported staff and patients in various capacities. Roma continued to volunteer at Holland Bloorview for six additional months and would like to return in the future. After leaving Toronto for school and no longer volunteering regularly at Holland Bloorview, she missed the connections created. To fulfill her desire to exercise her privileges by volunteering at a local food bank. 


Completing the Award 

Since completing the Award, Roma felt a sense of pride and accomplishment especially when overcoming the challenges of the pandemic. The voluntary service portion of Silver led Roma to serve at a hospital which unknowingly became her passion and one of the best and most rewarding experiences of her life. Roma urges youth to try the Award because the unique skills and experiences it provides are endless. 


The Silver Award had so many features that pushed and challenged Roma in unexpected ways. From this experience, Roma tried new recipes, go on an Adventurous Journey, and meet new people. Roma believes the connections she’s made since the Award has molded her into who she is.  



“One of the best and most rewarding sensations this Award has given me is the utter happiness and sheer sense of joy I feel after spending a small portion of my day to effect change and improve someone else’s.”  

  • Roma 


The Award is inspired by Roma for her willingness to serve and we are excited to see her continue to develop this passion.   


We hope Roma’s story has inspired you to Join the Award, Volunteer with the Award, or Become an Award Centre.  


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