Speaking With Passion A Dream Come True, Tinklyn’s Award Story

Tinklyn is a Bronze Award Achiever with a great story to share about her experience with the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Tinklyn also has a unique Adventurous Journey to share!

Starting The Award

Tinklyn heard about The Award in Grade 9 and never expected how greatly it would influence her life and mold her into the persistent and courageous person she is now.

Her journey began in April 2021 and her body filled with excitement and she started to get excited about the commitment and dedication that was required. Tinklyn has used The Award as a competition to push herself to reach goals during a 6-month period. Through this experience Tinklyn has been pushed out of her comfort zone and overcome the hurdles to achieve the aspirations she set.

Tinklyn shared the same obstacles of other High School students like being busy with homework and having difficulty staying committed. However, Tinklyn decided to preserver regardless of these obstacles, by making The Award a priority. Tinklyn enjoyed logging activities weekly and watching progress.


After working diligently Tinklyn achieved goals but also went beyond the expected plan. As a young individual, Tinklyn actively volunteered and gave back to the community. Motivated to make an impact, she expanded her Art class and raised over $600 in three months. This fundraising experience was paramount for her because it taught her how to be more accountable for the local community. This experience has equipped Tinklyn with leadership skills and vision by inspiring people and working with team members.

“I know I have to challenge myself to bring out the best in me, it is a journey filled with tenacity and resistance” –


Adventurous Journey

The AJ experience was a highlight for Tinklyn because of the great complexity it entails. Tinklyn went to Mission in a group of 5 with a couple other groups in the summer of 2021. This survival camp occurred during three extremely hot days. She walked 6 hours under the red burning sun every day, this was both exhausting and exciting. The group was excited to cook a delicious, warm, carnivore-friendly dinner. It wasn’t before long that the security patrol kiboshed that dream because there was a fire band so there was no way to cook the raw meat. To avoid any attraction of wolves or bears they packed up the dinner and waited till morning to eat. The lack of food and the hot sun caused the campers to start feeling sick. Fortunately, they brought medicine and were able to obtain clean water, so everyone stayed safe.

“Our survival camp activities went well, and this became a journey that I will never forget” –Tinklyn


Earning The Award

Tinklyn received The Bronze Award in December and share this was the best gift of the year!  Tinklyn wants participants to know The Award requires stamina, energy, commitment, and determination, but it is worth every moment and would recommend everyone try it. The Award continues to inspire Tinklyn to develop leadership skills as well as teamwork skills. It gave her the opportunity to commit to something new and develop it into a hobby, unique talent, and memory.

The Award is proud of Tinklyn for her dedication and perseverance. We are excited to hear about how Tinklyn stays involved!


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Shelan Emre

Shelan is an active member of her community who is committed to making a positive impact. She is pursuing her Commerce degree at the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. Her Award accomplishments include being a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award Achiever, Award Leader, Passion to Purpose participant, Grant recipient, and Speaker, as well as working with The Award in Canada as an Award Specialist and in Marketing Communications.