Welcome to the Divisional portal of the website. Within this section you'll find the resources at the local level to help you complete your Award journey. Your Division is the Province or Territory in which you currently live and are completing your Award.



Welcome to the BC & Yukon Division of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Canada. This is the landing page for those living in BC and Yukon who are interested in participating or volunteering in the Award. Please use the menu on the right side of this screen to find the information you need.

The ‘Duke of Ed’ is a global youth leadership and empowerment framework available to young people 14-24, regardless of background or abilities. This is not a competitive program where youth compete to earn the Award. Instead it is a framework for development that is self-paced, and achievement is based on setting and completing goals that are personally challenging. 

Personal empowerment and leadership development come from opportunities to grow and succeed in meaningful ways, and our Award framework inspires youth to set and achieve goals in four activity areas: skill development, volunteering, physical activity, and adventurous journeys in nature.

By completing these activities youth can achieve Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of the Award. Each level earns youth two high school credits in the BC and Yukon High School curriculum, for a total possible achievement of six credits.

We recognize that not all learning happens in the classroom. Equipping young people for life means providing them with the opportunities and supportive mentorship to explore their passions, abilities, and limits to discover who they are!

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Additional Information:

Are you and independent participant who would like to START THE AWARD AT YOUR SCHOOL?
If you would like to become a champion to get the Award started in your school, we can provide you with information and an email to share with your Principal, or the teacher you would like to nominate as an Award Leader.

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Award Holders


Loved your Award experience and want to stay connected? 

  • As a Duke of Ed Alumni, you are invited to networking and social events.
  • Please join our Alumni community by joining or Facebook group to stay connected, informed, and active in the Award.We also have a new Instagram!
  • Has your contact information changed? Please let us know by emailing bcyk@dukeofed.org
  • Many of our amazing Alumni volunteer as Award Leaders and as mentors to the next generation of Achievers! Learn more on our Leader page!
  • We are also looking for Virtual Award Leaders to mentor Independent participants online. Please email tlindsay@dukeofed.org for more information.
  • Click here to see the impact our generous supporters have on the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow – our BC and Yukon youth!
  • Join the BC & Yukon Board of Directors! After all, who knows what the program needs more than the Achievers of the program? Visit our Board of Directors page.
  • * Newly launched * Join the Global Award Alumni Network.
  • Want to share your experience to inspire participants and supporters? We have a quick form to fill out, or see below for some ideas to submit.
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Please either fill our our easy form, or read below for a more in-depth collaboration.

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Your story can be in the form of:

  • a photo from your Award experience coupled with - a written paragraph
  • a selfie video
  • a recorded video
  • a quote

Subject matter can be:

  • about your Award experience
  • an anecdote from your Award experience
  • a lesson learned
  • a habit formed and continued beyond the Award
  • what the Award meant, or still means, to you
  • the impact of the Award on you and / or your peers
  • The Award overall, or specifically about one section:
       Physical Recreation
       Adventurous Journey
       Gold Project

Please do reach out if you would like assistance with your idea. We are happy to work with you! Contact us at bcyk@dukeofed.org or on 250-385-4232






Meet the BC & Yukon Division Team

Meet our BC & Yukon Division Team

Meet our Board of Directors

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Charitable Registration Number: 12590 6545 RR0001


Contact Information

Office and Mailing Address

4086 Shelbourne Street
Victoria, BC  V8N 4P6

Effective Wednesday March 18th, The Duke of Ed BC & Yukon office will be closed to the public and our staff will be working remotely to do our part in the community.

That means we'll still be available to answer your calls and emails, and help out in any ways that we can. As always, we're grateful for the wonderful sense of community that the Duke of Ed Award stands for. ?

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General Telephone

Victoria: 250-385-4232 ext. 0
Vancouver: 604-682-5543 ext. 0
Toll Free: 1-888-881-7788 ext. 0
Fax: 250-385-1433

Contact Division Team

Caley Hartney
Executive Director

250-385-4232 ext. 5

Nikki Tellem
Manager of Operations & Cadet Liaison

250-385-4232 ext. 3

Teresa Lindsay
Program Coordinator
250-385-4232 ext. 1

Craig McCulloch
Lower Mainland Virtual Award Leader & Alumni Liaison


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Our mission is to provide young people with opportunities to grown and succeed in meaningful ways. Our youth leadership and empowerment framework helps young people discover their abilities by requiring them to set and achieve goals in four activity areas: volunteering, physical activity, skill development, and adventurous journeys in nature.  In the process, our young participants evolve into the confident and empathetic leaders of tomorrow. Learn more about our mission with this inspiring three minute video


It is our donors that ensure we can serve thousands of young people participating in BC & Yukon. We require your support to ensure their success, as well as increase access for all youth in the region to the Duke of Ed opportunity. As a Canadian registered charity, we do not receive monetary contributions from the Royal Family and raise the funds for our operating budget ourselves. 

Click here for our 2019 Annual Report

For more information contact Executive Director, Caley Hartney at chartney@dukeofed.org or 250-385-4232 ext. 5 or,


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 A special thank you to our strategic partners in serving the youth of BC & Yukon.









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Who are Award Leaders? 

An Award Leader is a adult who works or volunteers with youth as part of a larger organization, such as a High School, Scouts, Guides, Cadets, or Community Center. The Award Leader’s aim is to help young people within their organization to access the life changing Award opportunity. They support young people by mentoring them as they register, set goals, choose activities, and work on completing their Award.

The Division office provides Award Leaders with training and access to resources and support materials. We also have staff support through our office so we can answer any questions as they come up. 
Award Leaders help participants plan their Adventurous Journey section of the Award experience, but it is important to know that this is not mandatory. Ultimately, it is the up to individual participants to plan and carry out their Award activities.

Award Leaders are the all-important cheerleaders and mentors that inspire young people to success.  

What is the role of an Award Leader? 

An Award Leader’s role encompasses the following areas: 

  1. Be the recognized Duke of Ed expert within your organization. 
  2. Direct interested youth on how to register and get set up to start their Award. 
  3. Manage your Award participants using the Online Record Book (ORB) platform. 
  4. Mentoring and supporting participants as they work to complete their Award levels. 
  5. Review completed Awards before submitting to the Award office via ORB. 
  6. Liaise with the Division Award office as needed. 
  7. Read the mandatory Leader Bulletin distributed via email.
  8. Abide by all policies set out by The Duke of Edinburgh’ International Award, including but not limited to: the National Abuse Policy, National Risk Management Policy and National Branding policy, and the Award Standards. 

What’s the benefit of becoming an Award Leader? 

Good question! Besides engaging with youth and aiding in their development of new skills, self-confidence, and a greater appreciation of the environment and community around them; you are building up your own skill set and resume with internationally recognized experience.


Leaders and the organizations they represent are responsible for ensuring all criminal record checks and vulnerable sector screenings are up to date and that appropriate insurance is in place for any activities that the group undertakes. Organizations without these elements in place cannot run an Award Group Unit.







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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Office Assistant


Board of Directors

If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, please follow for more information.

Award Group Leaders

Interested in volunteering as an Award Group Leader? Please follow this link.

Division Office Volunteer

We are currently looking for enthusiastic Volunteer Office Assistants to perform a variety of administrative and office support tasks. Please click here for the full job description and how to apply.


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The Duke of Ed is a leadership development framework that compliments Cadet training. It is so well matched with the Cadet program that in 2017 a national Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Cadets Canada and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Canada to support all Cadets in accessing and completing the Duke of Ed.

The Duke of Ed is an internationally recognized standard of leadership excellence, Cadets complete virtually all the activities for Duke of Ed achievement through their Cops/Squadrons. The MOU ensures that Cadets will receive the opportunity for recognition of their achievements.


Cadet Resources:

Find out how Cadets and Junior Rangers can use their activities to earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold level of the Duke of Ed.

Cadet Learning Portal | Air Cadet Brochure | Army Cadet Brochure | Sea Cadet Brochure | Junior Rangers Brochure | Duke of Ed Youth Resources

Did you know?

  • The Duke of Ed pin is the only external medal or pin you are allowed to wear on your Cadet uniform!
  • Both Duke of Ed and Cadets qualify for external high school credits in BC. As a senior Cadet having completed all three levels of the Award, up to 18 additional credits can be added to a high school transcript!
  • Wondering if you can continue your Award during the Summer? YES you can! There are many summer courses that qualify for Duke of Ed activities, including physical recreation, skill, Adventurous Journey, and the Gold Project. Refer to your element brochure (above), and the Duke of Ed Youth Resources for more information, or chat with your Award Leader.
  • Please note: while the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) clearly states that Staff Cadets may not use their Summer experience for their Gold Project, you can still get your weekly activities on your own time. Doing some PE? There's your physical recreation! Volunteering in the canteen, or mentoring younger Cadets? There's your service! Even an hour a week of reading up on, or practicing your chosen Skill will allow you to keep up on those hours.

Visit these links for qualifying activities and course codes you could earn with the BC Ministry of Education: Duke of Ed credits | Pacific Region Cadet credits



Cadet Officer Resources:

Cadet Officers are the mentors critical to Cadet achievement. Just as Officers train Cadets in their courses (ie: Marksmanship), they also mentor Cadets towards Duke of Ed Award achievement.
Under the new national Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Cadets Canada and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Canada, all Cadet Officers are responsible for ensuring access and support for their Cadets in achieving their Duke of Ed Award. 

As per the MOU, each squadron or corps must have a trained Duke of Ed Award Leader. This training is a free professional development opportunity for all Cadet Officers and its value is increasingly recognized in the professional and education sectors.

For information on what this entails, please visit our Duke of Ed Award Leader webpage