Welcome to the Divisional portal of the website. Within this section you'll find the resources at the local level to help you complete your Award journey. Your Division is the Province or Territory in which you currently live and are completing your Award.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award empowers young people, ages 14 to 24, to give back to their communities, explore their interests and passions, commit to their health and wellness, and gain an appreciation for the natural environment. With guidance from Award Leaders and assessors, young Canadians are given a supportive, non-competitive youth development platform that deepens self-awareness, builds confidence, and broadens skills and experience to further their growth as active, responsible citizens.
Our Division supports over 2,000 young people in their journeys to set and achieve goals and to become the best versions of themselves. Find out more about the Award and its phenomenal impacts for young people and your community. 



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Award Leaders guide and mentor young people through their Awards, helping the newest generation become committed citizens of the world. Find out more about the role of an Award Leader

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If you cannot find the information you need, please contact our office – we are here to help!  There is no question too big or too small.

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Manitoba Board of Directors

Our Board members are all volunteers who provide us with unique professional skill sets, insight and a vast amount of experience. Some of these specialized skill sets entail; marketing, fundraising, finance, and governance.

Tom McIlwham

Andrew Enns
Vice President

John Cole, CA

Board Members

Corinna Fulton

Sergeant Doug Lukawy - RCMP

Heather McFadyen

Sarah Murdoch

Bridgette Parker

Susan Zuk


Lindsay Stovel
Manitoba Executive Director




Thank you to our local donors, without whom we would not be able to promote and grow The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Manitoba.

2018 Supporters

Foundations and Corporate Donors


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 Wawanesa Insurance     Federated Co-Operatives Ltd.
 Canadian Tire Jumpstart Mountain Equipment Co-op 
 Manitoba Community Services Council  Swancoat Investments
Capstone Ridge Group HBC Giving Day 
Strategic Charitable Giving
(Robert Murdoch retirement gift)  
 Individual Donors 2018

Gold Members


Silver Members

($500 - $999)

Bronze Members

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(up to $99)

 Robert G. Darling   Jane Anema   Richard Archer  Sheldon Fletcher
 Tom McIlwham    Ken Armstrong  W. John A. Bulman  Larry Kirouac

 Robert and Susan Murdoch

   John Cole  George Chapman  Doug Lukawy
    Andrew Enns   Sara Cosentino  
    Margaret Jeffries  Peter De Smedt  
    Tim Nickerson   Charles Huband  
    H. Sanford Riley Robert Jackson  
     Jane Robinson Rees Jones  
     1 Anonymous donor Steve Kiz
        Scott Lacey  
        Neil (Scott) McDonald   
        Barry Olsen  
      Bridgette Parker  
        Christine Stanton  
       David Tetlock  
Being a supporter means your donation provides Manitoba youth with the opportunity to face new experiences, develop confidence and create healthy and active lifestyles through their participation in the Award.

If you are interested in donating to the Manitoba Division to support local youth, click here. You will be able to donate online. 

For more information, contact our office at 204-988-3016 or manitoba@dukeofed.org

 H. Sanford Riley
 Barry Olsen
 Barry Olsen

Contact Us 

One Lombard Place, Suite 710
Richardson Centre
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 0X3

Phone: (204) 988-3016

Fax: (204) 943-7386

Charitable Registration Number: 85468 2739 RR0001

Bernice Rivers
Regional Manager
(204) 988-3016


Interested in booking a group Adventurous Journey for your group at BB Camp in 2020? Click here for their info package: DoE Package 2020.pdf

Stuff to know before your trip....
-The cancellation policies on these trips vary and are determined by the outfitter/camp running the trip.
-There will not be Duke of Ed Staff on these trips. They are run by the qualified staff of the outfitter or camp. 
-After your trip, you will need to submit your assessor's report AND an Adventurous Journey Report. See below for resources on how to do this.

The Adventurous Journey Write Up is a document you create explaining what you did on your Practice Journey and on your Qualifying Journey. 

Here is a document you can download and use to do your write up. Click HERE

You don't have to do your the write up in this format. You can do any document you like, or you can get creative and do a powerpoint presentation, a video, a scrapbook, or any form you like. 

Questions you can answer in your report:

1. What training did you have towards your qualifying journey? 
2. How did your practice journey prepare you for your qualifying journey? How did your qualifying journey challenge you?
3. Why did you choose to make this journey?
4. When did you take the trip?
5. Where did you go? Give exact locations, trails, describe terrain, etc.
6. How did you travel? Method of travel from actual start of journey to completion - canoe, hike, snowshoe, ski, etc. (not the time spent in a vehicle to get to the location) 
7. Who went with you? 
8. What did you experience? What did you learn? What was your biggest success?  
9. What would you do differently?  What insights would you pass on to anyone else doing this journey?

Completing your Award


Award Leaders

Information on this page is designed for adults who are thinking about becoming an Award Leader for the Duke of Ed.

Why become an Award Leader?

Who are Award Leaders?

Award Leaders are guides and mentors who support their youth in doing the Award. Your support of young people in pursuit of the Award truly does make a difference in your communities and helps to create committed citizens of the world.

An Award Leader is a person who works or volunteers with youth as part of a larger organization, such as a school, Scouts, Guides, Cadets, or community organization. Leaders should have the opportunity to meet with Participants and be available to support the youth as they work towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.  

All Award Leaders can access registration, training and resource materials from the Award Officers at the Manitoba Office.

What is the role of an Award Leader?

An Award Leader’s role within their group encompasses the following areas:
- To mentor and support Participants as they work to complete their Award levels
- To raise awareness and actively promote the Award in their organization
- To celebrate achievements of Participants
- To abide by all policies set out by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award 

Award Leader Activities Include:
- Participating in Award Leader Training (in-person and virtual training options are available)
- Registering as an Award Leader in the Online Record Book
- Assisting group members in the online registration process and helping them get started
- Instructing youth on how to correctly enter events in the Online Record Book
- Helping Participants choose, find and/or organize activities that meet the requirements of the Award framework
- Managing Participants profiles in the Online Record Book
- Reviewing Award submissions in the Online Record Book
- Communicating with the Manitoba Office on behalf of Participants in their Award Unit 
- Recognizing Award Recipients and presenting achievement pins and Bronze certificates in your local community
- Attending ceremonies for Silver and Gold Award Achievers from your group
- Sharing success stories and news about your Award Unit and Participants with your divisional office?

Ready to become an Award Leader?

If you are ready to become an Award Leader, you can start by visiting the Online Record Book and register as a new Award Leader.  The Online Record Book will ask you which Award Unit (group) you would like to be affiliated with. You choose your Award Unit from the drop down menu.  Hints for Uniformed Groups: All Girl Guides of Canada Award Units begin with GGC.  All Scouts Canada Groups begin with SC.  All Cadet Award Units begin with the abbreviation for their branch: RCACC, RCSCC, RCACS.

Starting a New Award Unit?
If you are ready to start a new Award Unit and become an Award Leader, you can start by visiting the Online Record Book and creating a new Award Unit (small print on the bottom right).  Starting a new Award Unit requires that you know the group information, including mailing address, and that you have the name and contact information for two different individuals.  The Authorizing Contact is a person in a leadership role for the organization.  This person should be the main contact for the organization - e.g. principal of a school, group commissioner for a uniformed group, executive director of a volunteer organization.  The Award Coordinator is the main contact for the Award at the organization.  This person also serves as an Award Leader.

Once you have signed up as an Award Leader, you will be sent a confirmation email.  Once you have confirmed your email, the Award Officer will connect with you by email to check in and chat about the next steps. ?

We are here to support you!

The Manitoba Award office will train and support Award Leaders every step of the way.  We are here to help you help young people achieve their goals.  Your main contact will be the Award Officers (Bernice and Sandra). Award Officers are employees of the Award who support Leaders so that they can help Participants succeed and Award Units thrive. Among other things, Award Officers are responsible for:

- Providing training, materials, and administrative support to Award Units and Award Leaders
- Maintaining the integrity and standards of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in Manitoba
- Assessing and approving Awards at the Bronze and Silver levels in conjunction with the Award Assessment Committee
- Promoting the Award to organizations and individuals in their region

Please let our Award Officers know if you have any questions or need support, we are happy to help!

The Manitoba Award office is also here to help you! At the Manitoba office, we strive to provide the resources and training that all of our Leaders need to be successful.  Among other things, the Manitoba Award Office is responsible for:

- Developing training, materials, and resources for Award Leaders
- Providing administrative support to Award Units
- Developing fundraising and awareness initiatives for the Award
- Maintaining relevant social media and communication platforms
- Processing and mailing all Awards achieved
- Planning and organizing Silver and Gold Award ceremonies
- Promoting the Award on a provincial level

Please feel free to contact the Manitoba office if you have any questions or need assistance.


Paying your Registration fee

The registration fee is $50 per level. This can be paid through Paypal at the time of registering in the Online Record Book or it can be paid by Cash or Cheque to your Award Leader. The Award Leader then passes the registration fee onto our office.

We recommend that you choose the Paypal option as it is the easiest and most convenient. Paypal accepts credit cards and you don't have to have a Paypal account set up to use it. To pay through Paypal click here.

There are two option when you are registering. Pay using Paypal or Pay your Award Leader. If you choose Paypal, you will need to put in the confirmation number of your Paypal receipt before completing your registration. Our office gets an email notification every time there is a payment so we will be able to match it to your registration on the Online Record Book. Your registration will be approved the next business day. 

If you choose to pay by Cash or Cheque, please make sure to pay it directly to your Award Leader as soon as possible. You will not be able to access your online record book until your Award Leader has received your payment.

Cheques must be made out to The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Manitoba.

If you prefer to send a cheque in the mail directly to our office. You can mail your cheque to:

Suite 710, One Lombard Place

Winnipeg, MB

R3B 0X3



 2019 Audited Financials 

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