Welcome to the Divisional portal of the website. Within this section you'll find the resources at the local level to help you complete your Award journey. Your Division is the Province or Territory in which you currently live and are completing your Award.

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Not all learning happens in the classroom.

As your Nova Scotia Division, we are here to guide and support you while you are on the road to achieving your Award. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or need a few questions answered, please send us an email at novascotia@dukeofed.org

We are here to help.

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To become a Duke participant, register here. If you are having difficulty, or can't find your Award Unit, please contact us.

Did you know?

In Nova Scotia, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards are Grade 10, 11, and 12 high school Personal Development credits respectively.

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Click here to check out Hannah's story! This awesome alumni is working on a project to challenge our perceptions of mental health struggles. 

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Charitable Registration Number is 86872 5961 RR0001.

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Have a question? Check out our FAQs.

Need to pay your registration fee? You can pay online with a credit card here. Afterwards, email the office with your name, Award Level and Award Unit. 


If you are not part of an existing Award Unit, you may be able to continue your Award under the guidance of an Open Award Centre. To learn more about Open Award Centres, click here.


Adventurous Journey Opportunities and Resources


As a reminder, all Adventurous Journeys must be completed in order: Preparation and Training, then a Practice Journey, then the Qualifying Journey. 


 Gold Project Opportunities and Resources



Skills Opportunities


Service Opportunities


Physical Recreation Opportunities


  •  Physical Recreation Opportunities (coming soon!)

 More Resources


All activities for the Award require an assessor and an assessor report. 

If you started your current Award level prior to September 1st, 2013 and are not on the Online Record Book, please contact the Award Office to submit your Award.

Open Award Centres 


Open Award Centres started as a concept in the Nova Scotia Division as a way to ensure that the Award is available for youth in their home communities or local regions across the province.  They are designed to enhance and support the local club, youth group and/or school based Award Units, as well as fill any gaps that may exist in making the Award accessible to youth.  Open Award Centres are typically incorporated into the youth services offered through organizations with a broad or regional reach such as recreation centres, municipal recreation departments, and public libraries.    

Currently, Nova Scotia is the only Province offering access to the Award through Open Award Centres.


Current Open Award Centres



Hants North Recreation and Development Association

For youth in the Hants North area who are not members of an existing Award Unit. 
Contact: Shelli Singer

Region of Queens Municipality

For youth in the Region of Queens Municipality who are not members of an existing Award Unit. 
Website: Region of Queens Municipality
Contacts: Troy SmithCrystal Stewart-SmithCassandra Williams

 4-H Nova Scotia

For youth registered with 4-H in Nova Scotia who are not members of an existing Award Unit. 
Website:4-H Nova Scotia
Contacts: Wilma Schenkels


Award Leaders


To learn more about upcoming Award Leader training click here.

Please note: if you have a participant that needs to pay pay their registration fee for their Award, the participant can do so online through PayPal (a PayPal account is not needed) here

Once the participant has completed their payment, please email the office with the participant's name, Award Level and Award Unit. 

Report Templates


Gold Project Report Template

Gold Project Assessor Report


Adventurous Journey Resources


Expedition - Adventurous Journey

Exploration - Adventurous Journey

Practice Journey Assessor Report

Qualifying Journey Assessor Report

Route Card

Adventurous Journey Award Standards 


Group Assessment 


Award Leader How-To

Instructions for Participants

Group Assessment Report Form


Promotional Materials


Spring Poster Series - English and French

Fall Poster Series - English

Fall Poster Series - French

Announcement Poster - English

Announcement Poster - French



Calling All Cadets! 


Cadet Alexander Lloyd receiving his Silver certificate from The Honourable Arthur J. LeBlanc, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia

As a member of Cadets Canada in Nova Scotia, you can earn your Award(s) through many of your Cadet activities! 

We are bringing on-board Cadet Zones as Open Award Centres to service Cadets whose Cadet Unit is not yet running the Award.

For more information about bringing the Award Program to your Cadet Unit, please contact Captain Diane Sunde for more information.


Zone Open Award Centres




Zone J3 (Debert)

If you are a Cadet in Zone J3 (Debert), covering north of Truro and west of New Glasgow/ Pictou, and your Cadet Corps is not currently running an Award Program, you can register with Award Unit, "Cadets - Zone J3 (Debert)". Register for ORB here

Zone J3 (Debert) includes the following cadet units: 41 RCSCC, 88 RCSCC, 258 RCSCC, 219 RCACC 272 RCACC, 1442 RCACC, 1859 RCACC, 2928 RCACC, 77 RCACS, 154 RCACS, 374 RCACS, 397 RCACS, 596 RCACS, and 689 RCACS.



Below are brochures that outline the official partnership between Cadets and our Award program, including which Cadet activities count towards the Duke Award.

 /_uploads/ns/images/IMG_0066.jpgHoliday Baskets!


Thank you to everyone who purchased Holiday Baskets this year!

A Special thanks goes out to our wonderful and generous volunteers and sponsors, that made this fundraiser possible.





The 7th Annual Scotch Whisky Tasting

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 7th Annual Scotch Whisky Tasting! A great time was had by all.

Thank you to our sponsor BOYNECLARKE LLP





Duke Awareness Week- October 14th-20th

Each year, we begin the celebrations with a Flag-Raising Ceremony at Province House where the proclamation is publicly read by a member of the Provincial Legislature. The Lieutenant Governor, our Honourary Patron, brings greetings and officially raises the Duke flag on our behalf.  

To learn more about Duke Awareness Week, click here.




The 6th Annual Scotch Whisky Tasting 

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 6th Annual Scotch Whisky Tasting! A great time was had by all. 




2018 Banff Mountain Film Festival in Halifax

Thank you to our Duke Participants who volunteered to help run our Concessions Stand at the 2018 Banff Mountain Film Festival on January 17th and 18th!

We look forward to running the stand again next year!


Support Us



The Award is a non-profit organization that operates in ten divisions serving all the provinces and territories of Canada. The Nova Scotia Division serves our province and thanks to the generosity of corporate and private donors, foundations and service organizations, the Award is able to engage all regions of the province. 

As a supporter, your donation helps all young people across the province, regardless of social, economic or geographical background, have the opportunity to participate in the program. It ensures that the Leaders and volunteers are well-trained and ready to assist participants as they set their own goals and work towards achieving them in a safe and supportive environment.  

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the Award in Nova Scotia, please contact us by email, by phone at (902) 425-5454 ext. 329 or join us at one of our events.


How to Donate

  • Click the red 'Donate' button and select 'Nova Scotia'.
  • To make your donation by mail, please fill out this donation form and send it to the Award Office.
  • If you would like to donate over the phone please contact the Award Office at (902) 425-5454 ext. 227. 
  • Please consider including us as part of your United Way commitment. You will need to include our Charitable Registration # 86872 5961 RR0001.


Thank you to our current supporters!






The Halifax Youth Foundation






Our Founding Board of Regents


Keith and Heather Barrett
Anne Campbell and John Lindsay
The Honorable Hiram and Ruth Carver
The Craig Foundation
Dr. Colin Dodds and Carol Dodds
The Honorable Michael Shearer and Elizabeth Delory
The Honorable Donald and Linda Oliver
Don and Robin Todd
Justice Margaret J. Stewart  

The Nova Scotia Provincial Board of Regents was founded to support the Award program in Nova Scotia. Membership on the Board of Regents is by invitation only. Regents are asked to contribute a one-time donation to become life-long members and supporters of the Provincial Division. 


Thank you for giving generously!

All gifts are greatly appreciated. 

How to Contact Us


Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Canada - Nova Scotia
5516 Spring Garden Road, 4th Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 1G6

General Inquiries /_uploads/ns/images/Duke-at-work2.jpg

Email: novascotia@dukeofed.org
Phone: (902) 425-5454 ext. 227

Executive Director 

Connie Miller
Email: cmiller@dukeofed.org
Phone: (902) 425-5454 ext. 329

Program Coordinator

Matt Godfrey
Email: mgodfrey@dukeofed.org
Phone (902) 425-5454 ext. 227
Cell (902) 237 1256


Office Hours


Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Award Office is closed on all government holidays and for an annual Holiday shut-down between Christmas and New Year's Day.

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